• Dreamcatcher's B&B is the best and better than any hotel
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B  has the best breakfasts
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B will let you discover more of the real Thai culture and life
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B is best for families and children
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B in Chiang Mai with great swimming pool does wonders for the children and activities
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B is better than a Guest House or Hotel as they offer a more personalized service in a better eco friendly environment
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B can organize tours in a more personalized and tailored way

Why a B&B in Chiang Mai:

  • Chiang Mai has the best B&B resorts in Thailand
  • Chiang Mai B&B resorts offer more privacy and freedom in an eco friendly environment of greenery and nature.
  • Chiang Mai Hotels offer you a room, B&B Resorts offer you a home tailored to your needs
  • Chiang Mai Hotels & Guest Houses offer a basic breakfast but a B&B offers homemade healthy delights
  • Chiang Mai B&B resorts are the best option for families with children especially if there is a swimming pool
  • Chiang Mai B&B resorts let you discover the genuine rural Thai experience rather than just the buzzing city
  •  Chiang Mai B&B Resorts are more eco friendly than Hotels and Guest Houses

Hotel versus a B&B:

  • A Hotel is far more touristy than a B&B
  • A Hotel provides entirely generic service whereas a B&B offers a personalized touch
  • A Hotel’s food is overpriced and often lackluster while a B&B is reasonably priced and more flexible to individual needs
  • A Hotel’s accommodation rates are higher than of a B&B
  • A Hotel room has far less warmth and ambiance than a B&B

Dreamcatcher's B&B Hotel:

  • Dreamcatcher's B&B offers a more peaceful, scenic atmosphere versus a chaotic city scape hotel
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B provides a dream like environment as opposed to a urban hectic hotel
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B has the convenience and ease to meet your outdoor activities enjoyment whereas a hotel requires a multitude of planning processes
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B gives you a sense of comfort and security rather than the unfocussed  attention of a Hotel
  • Dreamcatcher's B&B provides a personal touch with privacy compared to a general indifferent or invading response of a hotel
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